Zuukuka 6:00AM-10:00 AM

This is our early morning prime time program.

Imagine having a bad night, with nasty dreams and suddenly day breaks! Just wondering what the new day will unleash? In such a situation zuukuka crew has all the answers for you. Omutaka ssebwato, grace nankya and muzei musonso. It is an energetic program since by this time people are still in bed or trying to get ready for the new day and they need to hear something that can get them fully awake, ready and so much in spirit. The presenters encourage the listener to wake up, say a pray and then get set for work. just do it the right way in the right time and at the right place that is; Digida FM 106.5. They will hit you with laughter, gossip, sports, travel guide, fashion, topical issues, fan and good music. This program runs from 6:00am-10:00am, Monday to Friday. zuukuka is a luganda oriented statement. It raises a call of how was your night. It’s not worth missing zuukuka.