Bobi Wine’s  Musical concert Kyarenga the biggest  in the event of 2018 year?  Yes. Will it be talked about for a long time? I’ll tell my grandchildren that I went, saw and had the time of my life.

Bobi Wine now refered to as Hon Kyagulanyi Robert is now among or number one in Uganda as he is slated to stage the biggest concert of the year as  audiences as far as every part of Uganda shall blow a celebration of his music t the biggest stadium.


Digida FM has learnt that  Kyalenga concert has been publicly launched by Fire base Entertainment a music company owned by Bobi Wine bringing together all Uganda’s artiste to perform on one stage

The political sergeant who claims was tortured by Uganda security forces received treatment from the United States of America and returned to Uganda amidst celebrations from his supporters.

Over the years Bobi Wine has been launching his music concerts from his Busaabala Beach , Wakiso however since he became a Uganda member of parliament Bobi Wine fan base has significantly grown world wide  attracting different audiences all over the world.

Digida FM has learnt that Bobi Wine shall perform all his songs that day and it may be one of his first performance ever since he was allegedly tortured by security forces.

Digida FM team shall keep you updated.