Ojok was pictured receiving a kiss from a mysterious lady , Kansiime’s ex-hubby, however, denied claims the lady was his new catch

Gerald and Kansiime parted ways about two years ago -Kansiime moved on to the next one with a new man but Ojok never revealed his next move Comedienne Ann Kansiime’s ex-hubby Gerald Ojok seems to have gotten himself a new babe.

This could be true if a viral photo of Ojok receiving a hot kiss from an unidentified slay queen is anything to go by

Actually, Kansiime’s estranged ex-hubby did not only receive a smooch but also perfect company as he cosied up with the mysterious girl.

Photo of the two playing Romeo and Juliet at the event went viral on social media and made many believe Ojok had finally found the missing link in his puzzle.

The lad however came out to set the record straight following the emergence of the photo.

Accordingly Ojok denied having netted the lass claiming she was just a random fan who had been introduced to him at the event. “If you asked me what that girl’s name is I wouldn’t even know. She was being introduced and instead of a hug she planted a kiss,” he said. ” It’s amazing how quick these camera guys are and how tabloids come up with such stories!” he added.