Bobi Wine has been in the USA for over two weeks for medical treatment after he was allegedly tortured by the SFC in connection to attacking President Museveni's convoy in Arua.

Bobi Wine's health has improved and he is set to return to Uganda on Thursday this week.

While in the USA, Bobi Wine addressed a number of global media houses like Al jazeera, BBC among others about the political situation in the country and it was here that he hinted about coming back to Uganda. "Yes, I have natural fear but I have no other home. My home is Uganda and I must go back home. Nothing will stop me from fighting for freedom. I will continue to stand against the oppressor on behalf of the oppressed as soon as I return home on Thursday,"Bobi Wine said in one of his interviews last week.

It is remembered that Bobi Wine was arrested with over 33 others during the Arua by election chaos and charged with illegal possession of fire arms and ammunitions however the charges were later dropped. He was later charged for treason.