Today you cannot write about strategy, perfection and commitment without talking about TAMALE MARK, Yet talking about the concept and making it live are two different things he outstands in. Mr. TAMALE Mark is the general manager Digida fm bukoto and Buddu fm masaka. Having a vast knowledge and a many years’ experience in management, mark concentrates more resources on situations that provide the opportunity to gain an important competitive edge. He also gets personally involved in solving important problems, regardless of what the company working chart says.

To sum up, he has affected  Digida fm in six important ways: he has develop a distinctive work environment; spearhead innovative strategic thinking; manage company resources productively; direct the people development and deployment process; build a dynamic organization; and oversee day-to-day operations. Individually, none of these things is totally unique on him, but successfully he has put Digida fm and Buddu fm at climax. “the same mouth that eats the seed today, is the same mouth that will alarm hunger tomorrow.