Wednesday, 17 May 2017 06:41


How to know you are dealing with a fuck boy.

1. He is forward

At the beginning, this good looking charmer is forward, insistent and irresistible.

As you get further down the road, you will realize that he behaves this way with every girl he meets, but when you voice displeasure with said behavior, (after making you feel a little crazy), he will tell you exactly what you want to hear: “You are over-thinking it, I would never want anyone but you.”


2. He is obsessed with social media

This guy is ALL about his image.

He untags photos on Facebook that feature you, or any girl in particular.


3. He puts in very little effort

Firstly, (if he doesn’t blow you off) he only wants to go out with you during the work week – weekends are a no go.

Secondly, he always texts and never calls you, expecting you to be the one that constantly follows up.

Thirdly he never shows you affection in public unless no one is around, and finally, he booty calls you late at night.


4. He can’t define what you are

When you are dating a real “fuckboy,” you always feel like you are on the cusp of ‘the talk’, but months go by and you are definitely no way near being his girlfriend.

Although you have no idea about the amount of women in his life, when you finally do bring up enough courage to talk relationship (after desperately hoping you won’t scare him off) – he reveals that he “doesn’t believe in labels.”

5. His friends are the same

A group of great-looking charmers who are all “best mates” and treat girls like shit? Run.



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