Bryan White clears air regarding the arrest of Facebook blogger

ryan White Foundation boss, Bryan White, has cleared the air regarding the arrest of social media blogger Ashburg Katto. Releasing an official statement today, Bryan White accused Ashburg Katto of trying to tarnish his name through false accusations.
He said he didn’t kidnap Katto as it is alleged, he used legal means to find justice. “I complained to Police over defamation stories published by Katto and his Ghetto TV saying am a drug dealer, let court find justice between us. Katto is safely in police custody and my lawyers are working on the case, he will be soon appear in court,” he said.
“I woke up one day and made my money, Katto is the same person who said I am not Kirumira Brian, he said am Kiggundu Brian. He said I stole gold money from a Sudanese and i took the largest share. He said I deal in so many fake gold deals. I am a public figure and I expect people to write about me but for Katto, he went personal to trespass on my property and calling me a drug dealer yet he also said I don’t have a passport,” he added.
Bryan White said he is not allergic to be written about because he is a public figure and don’t above the law. He said at times bloggers go beyond. “Everyone has brought money, you aren’t an investigator. Bloggers at times you go beyond and what they saying isn’t the truth. I am doing everything lawfully…. “I am not desperate for that and that’s why i took him for justice. I want justice to prevail between me and him. Talk about something when you have evidence, and don’t go beyond. You went to my property, that’s trespassing and don’t go beyond. No one is above the law, Ashburg has failed to let me be.
I had let him go but he went beyond, so let court decide our fate. I want peace to enjoy my peace in my country.. I used legal methods to find the truth. How do you reach an extent of saying someone forged sickness,” he said. “No one has been with money here in fraudulent ways and stayed, let police do its work and if i got wrongly then wait we shall see,” he said. I complained to Police like any other, i don’t have any intentions of killing him, he is in safe custody, the law will take its course,” he added.

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